Slice of Life-Day 6- The Story Behind the Photo

My yearly scrapbook retreat is well underway. It begins with the 90 mile drive to the remote getaway where 20+ ladies escape to get caught up recording their favorite family memories.

The first ten years or so that I participated in these weekends, mom of three under the age of 5, I always accomplished so much.  Late nights led to a bounty of finished pages documented with antecdotes and details.  The oval and circular and rounded-cornered pictures displayed smiling faces of what seemed to be lives filled with joy and random personal moments.   But I was always conflicted with how much to include in these scrapbooks.  How do I portray my family?    I can’t imagine recording the stories behind what appeared to be the typical family portrait, describing the rantings of my special son who could not bear to sit in the restrictive suspenders and itchy knee-highs.  The tears had been wiped away before the camera popped; I knew nothing about that photo hinted at the hopeless doubt behind my eyes.

I don’t know if what I revealed through my scrapbooks was the right thing to do.  I guess I figure I would rather people remember the precious moments and know that the other memories will fade…and that’s probably a good thing.


3 thoughts on “Slice of Life-Day 6- The Story Behind the Photo

  1. Carol, you hooked me in with your lead, and then went in a direction I really didn’t expect. It definitely grabbed my attention!

    Unfortunately that saying, “truth is stranger than fiction” is often accurate. I think we all tend to inject some “fiction” into our storytelling– whether it is writing, telling others about everyday events, or scrapbooking. We tend to play up the good and try to downplay things that are less than perfect. No matter how bad some of those moments may have seemed as they were happening, they probably will not seem so bad–for any of you in those photos–at another time down the road. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with trying to preserve the “precious moments”.

    I admire your honesty and your willingness to “tell about” this very personal part of your life.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. What a great adventure! So interesting watching you explore your multiple feelings around the memories of your family – it’s so hard to know what will be treasured – your description of making the best choices you can feels so relatable!


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