Slice of Life- Flowering Spring- 9/31

As the rain continues to wash this spring day with a layer of welcomed moisture, I can’t help but let my mind wander to the jewels this shower will leave in its wake- the array of seasonal flowers:

Dashing daffodils, long-necked and heavy with fragrance- flaunting as a goddess of a woman

Tempting tulips, clusters of vibrant reds, pinks, purples flowers- bobbing amidst the rows of flora

Impish iris, the blue-collar stems- hiding in a cocoon wrap until suddenly not

Heady hydrangea, heads of tiny buds- fitting together to form a unified front

Fingery forsythia, branches of golden buds- reaching across the path to make its presence known

Waving wysteria, heavy with flowing blooms- tumbling over its branches

Kingly kale, misunderstood layers of descending shades as beautiful-not to be overlooked, hugging the moist ground


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