Slice of Life- Day 12- Late-night Feedings

She licked her fingers furtively, frantically

She thought the coast was clear

for her to cram the forbidden bits of deliciousness

into her mouth, her heart.

It wasn’t as if it was a huge meal- just a handful of cookies

she surreptitiously slipped into her pocket

until she was out of sight of the oblivious observers.

Siddling into the laundry room, with one goal in mind

Shoving the crispy, chocolate-filled cookie into her mouth within seconds of arrival

Barely tasting the distinct flavors

Or enjoying the fragrance of the orange and chocolate goodness

The deed was done in seconds, again.

And once again,her guilt masked any physical or emotional satisfaction she may have hoped for.

Her delicious dirty laundry.


7 thoughts on “Slice of Life- Day 12- Late-night Feedings

  1. I’ve definitely been there, hiding while I shovel cookies in my mouth. That’s been hard to let go of as I’m dieting. Were the cookies chocolate and orange? Sounds good


  2. I appreciated the form for your slice. It was fun to read this as a poem. At first I was wondering and I actually read it twice to be sure. I was reminded of my daughter standing on the counter as daddy put the baby to bed when I was at class to get a nibble of chocolate out of the cupboard. I might try that slice in this form.


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