Slice of Life- 13/31- You Know You Love Them: Office Supplies!

Ok…since my last three posts were rather serious, it’s time to lighten things up a bit.  I thought it would be fun to list my


(Because face it, don’t we ALL love school supplies?)

10. Nice, Supportive  Desk Chair– (since we define school supplies as items purchased at office supply stores)  With all the time we spend at home working, this essential item protects our backs and butts from work-related injury.

9. Bordered Paper– These always make those meeting agendas and Open House flyers look much more enticing.

8. Page Protectors– I am not sure if this is the official name for these, but I bet you know what I ‘m talking about.  Since I haven’t totally mastered the computer files yet, these house those precious originals, to be modified and used next year.

7. Just the Right Legal Pad– I found these several years, but my favorites are no longer available.  What made them so special was that one half was graph paper and the other half was blank for planning.  There’s just something about graph paper that makes me feel smart.

6. Post-It Notes– Need I say more?  Book tabs, copying directions, Glow and Grows, revision changes: to-do lists, brightly-colored or pale yellow, lined or blank, rectangle, square, or circle.  We whip these necessities out without thinking about what we would do without them.

5. Colored Note Cards– The BIG ones- Now that I’m getting old, these get me through speeches and staff presentations.  They allow me to use BIG FONTS and still include lots of information.

4.  Sentence Strips– An English teacher’s dream.  Whether used for foldables or thesis statement tweets, they’re always a go-to for creative, engaging activities.

3.  Giant Post- It Notes– I mean as big as your head!  A recent addiction, these are perfect for project planning.  And they also serve as wallpaper, so I can see what’s going on with all my moving pieces.

2.  Colored Felt-Tip Pens– Sharpie, PaperMate- whatever your brand of choice, these tools of the trade just  make work more fun.  Granted, I often can’t find a use for the yellows or pea green, but the other shades are up for grabs,depending on my mood and project.  A simple red or black just won’t do.

1.  The simplest, yet one I have used the longest- the Mechanical Pencil-  Whether it’s .5 or .7 lead, this indispensible writing instrument makes life so much easier.  No longer do I have to hunt down a sharpener, battling it for the pencil lead’s point.  Just a click…and immediate satisfaction.


13 thoughts on “Slice of Life- 13/31- You Know You Love Them: Office Supplies!

  1. Girl, I am 100% on board with this post! Love those supplies! Can’t get enough of them. It may be 5:18 am, but your post makes me want to jump in my car, drive to Staples and run through the aisles touching and then buying everything! Thank you for sharing!


  2. Great list! Oh, how I loved neon colored sentence strips when I taught in my resource room. My favorite use was writing sentences on them, then cutting them up so kids could practice word order and syntax. We also had a wall going of great sentences from our writing pieces. Your list made me smile this morning; thanks!


  3. LOVE this!!! So many of you items would also be on my list! I just might have to write my own list as well! Giant Post-its is a wish item as they are too expensive! But a teacher can dream, right!


  4. Good list. I used to have a much better desk chair–an earth chair with a cushion slanted forward, a knee pad, and no back. I love highlighters and the sticky rectangles for page bookmarking.


  5. Nice list. I used to have an earth chair, really comfortable. Earth chairs have a seat slanted forward and a knee pad, but no back. Your back feels great sitting in an earth chair. Some of my other favorite office supplies are those stickies for bookmarks, highlighters, and my current notebook from Suddenlink with a slot for an embedded pen (post-it notes and bookmark stickies too)..


  6. YES!! Post its and page protectors are my favorite!!! There is something so satisfying about having your work safely tucked away in a page protector and flipping through them. I have a thing for pens too. Those papermate stick pens, “clicky” pens from workshops/conferences, the Bic atlantis.


  7. I Do Love Them! I Love Fancy Notebooks, with dividers, thick covers. I also love planners. Back to School is my favorite season. I do love great Post-It notes, but they have to be from 3M. No other company comes close.

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  8. I’m in love with sticky notes! I use them for so many things. I also love buying markers. The new coloured masking tape that is available in so many places is really making me happy too! I love being able to hang my posters up with it.


  9. I’m a sucker for office supplies! The title of your post drew me like a sale at Staples! Pre-sharpened Ticonderoga pencils are my favorite; but I also love a new calligraphy pen. Thanks for this fun post.


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