Slice of Life- Day 14/31- Life Is One Big Musical

When I was younger, my precious babysitter used to watch one soap opera- All My Children.  And of course my sister and I  got hooked on the melodrama of the revolving love affairs and days that lasted weeks.  My mother used to tell me that this habit would warp my sense of reality.  Upon reflection, it wasn’t these daily snippets of other people’s problems that shaped my vision of life.  It was most definitely my love for Broadway musicals! I can’t remember a time when show tunes weren’t a part of the background noise in our house.  Serious shows: Jesus Christ Superstar and Hair, coupled with comedies:  The Music Man and You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown…Oliver and West Side Story and A Chorus Line.  Whether playing them from albums or cassette tapes, singing along to these gems made chores less tedious and road trips less monotonous.  Being immersed in these musical taught me much more than the soap operas ever could.  So here are some life lessons gifted to me by Broadway musicals. Life Lesson #1- Variety is the spice of life.  No musical could stand on flashy, show tunes alone.  The scores must include a mixture of catchy melodies and moving ballads. Life Lesson #2- The problem will always be resolved at the end.  In the traditional musical storylines, the conclusion is almost always a happy one;  as an adult, I realize this is not always the case.  The ending may not be what I was hoping for, but there will be a resolution. Life Lesson #3-  Life is one big musical!-  It’s up to me to write my songs and belt them out.  I can place them anywhere I choose and even ask others to share the spotlight and sing along.  I will have times for ballads and times for dancing, hopefully more time for dancing. But most importantly, the show must go on.


2 thoughts on “Slice of Life- Day 14/31- Life Is One Big Musical

  1. I love how you get to these life lessons, and use the little bait and switch with All My Children! I, too, feel so lucky to have been surrounded by the Sound of Music as a kid…and now as an adult!


  2. The Sound of Music & Oliver are two musicals I remember from grade school. I really enjoyed High School Musical I with Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens–a musical within the last decade; there’s a model essay about it in my textbook! I started listening to Regional Mexican music in the mid 90’s, and it’s a fun way to improve your listening comprehension abilities. Between living and working in a predominantly Mexican-American area and the birth of thrash and death metal, it was time for a change!


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