Slice of Life- 26/31- Slice as Teacher

It’s hard to believe that I have almost achieved the goal we set for ourselves of writing every day for the month of March.  While negotiating the internet while camping was almost a deal-breaker, and one night I went to bed only to remember at 11:20 I hadn’t written, for the most part, the commitment has not been too difficult.  Even though I have five days left, I decided to take this time to share some reflections of the process.

1. If I can do this,why can’t I exercise!                                                                                       I alway seem to have an excuse for why I can’t do the “chores” of my life- cleaning, exercising, etc.  The fact that I could make myself find the time and energy to write every day should tell me that I can find the same time and energy to do these other things as well.

2.  I really didn’t know I had this much to say.                                                                     Granted, not all of my pieces have been inspirational, or even interesting.  But at least I could find some topic to explore for 100-400 words.  I would’ve never imagined I had 26 ideas that were worth pondering over.  This was fun- thinking of sometimes-random things to pen my thoughts around.

3.  It’s all about the title.                                                                                                           No matter how good your writing is, if the title doesn’t grab the Slicers’ attention, it will go unnoticed.  It’s hard to believe my piece that got the most comments was about office supplies. But the title and topic was one that many could relate to.  If I had titled it something else- even if it was still about my love for Staples- it would have gone unnoticed.

4.  I don’t feel like I have gotten to the depth of thought that many of my fellow Slicers have managed to.                                                                                                          I’m not sure if this is because I haven’t taken enough time to think, revise, add, or if it is a case of me just not having anything deep to share.  Was I too worried that nobody would be interested in topics that mean a lot to me?  Or am I just lazy?  I hope next year I will be able to write at least one piece that displays something unique.

5.  Poetry is fun!                                                                                                                          This challenge really encouraged me to crawl out of my writing zone and try playing around with words a bit.  I am not a big reader of poetry, but since sometimes I was up against a deadline, I tried my hand at it.

6.  Other Slicers are just fascinating.                                                                                      I’m not sure which I liked better- writing my own pieces or reading others.  Their creativity, personal experiences, insight, and word choice inspired me.  Thank you all for that.

So as I round out my last several days of writing, I am already thinking ahead to next year.  This challenge is certainly something that sucked me in, and I can’t wait to share it with my colleagues.  This was just Round 1.

7 thoughts on “Slice of Life- 26/31- Slice as Teacher

  1. I so love your queries….it’s true…it’s all in the title. But do we write to capture the attention of others? Or do we write because what we have to say is important?


    1. I know,right? I found myself doing that. And for this challenge, I think was OK, but I wonder how my writing would’ve been different had I not had readers. Interesting reflection…


  2. I love that you are taking time to reflect NOW! I’ve enjoyed reading so many of your pieces – and I agree with you about how fascinating it is to read OTHER people’s writing! That might be favorite part.


  3. Look how much you’ve accomplished this month! You’re in the home stretch. I love that you took time to reflect on where you’ve come and have even thought a bit about next year. (That said, I hope you’ll join us on Tuesdays year-round. You can dip-in and dip-out of our weekly challenge — or join us every week — as you wish.)


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