Technology Success…for today SOL 3/31

Let’s be clear..                                                  Write. Share. Give.

Today, I still couldn’t figure out where to find “Sent Items” in my gmail account.

Today, I still couldn’t remember how to pull up a previously recorded Swivl video.

Today, I still couldn’t find where on the library website we had saved my link.


Today, I DID create a hyperdoc all by myself!  (Okay, I used a template, but still.)  As the Instructional Coach in the building, I was assigned to cover a French class for students who have had a sub since the beginning of the semester.  When I inquired about lesson plans, I was greeted with laughter.  “There might be some worksheets on the desk, but the kids have probably already done them.  Just let them play on the laptops.”  Being a 1:1 campus with technology, this was a viable option.  But I knew that since it was Friday during the period that includes lunch, I would have my hands full of discipline problems without any parameters for computer use.  Last Monday, I attended a PD on hyperdocs, so I whipped out my computer, pulled up the template, and in less than an hour produced a seven-item lesson, complete with writing analysis and French class videos.  Remember, see above.  As a 53 year-old learner, I am definitely not a technology native.  But today I felt like one!  It was what I needed to push me a little further into this “brave new world” that awaits us.  Of course, I was immediately brought back to reality when I couldn’t find my “Sent Items”, but for today…SUCCESS!


8 thoughts on “Technology Success…for today SOL 3/31

  1. Dear kindred spirit, the fact you throw around vocabulary like Swivl (whatever that is), Pd, hyperdoc, and yes, even template, is inspiring. The fact you are stymied by your “sent ” box makes you accessibly human.


  2. I feel fairly technology-savvy, but there are days when the simplest of tech tasks baffle me. So glad you were able to design your hyperdoc, and then use it with students. A win-win for all


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