The Workout That Wasn’t-4/31 SOLC

Early Saturday morning- time to dress for my  Body Pump class.  I’ll admit I am not always super excited about this weekly appointment but always enjoy the post-pump high.  As I was perusing some slices, making my daily comments, I read the post about Amy, the mom who was diagnosed with cancer.  That post and story hit all who read it pretty hard, so when I heard the following words, my ears perked up.

“Hey, let’s go garage sale hopping,” my 23 year-old son suggested to my husband.

Now we are not available most Saturdays to spend the morning driving around searching for “stuff”,  but when I heard Sam’s idea, I immediately  responded.

“Can I come?”

Smiles spread across their faces.  “You want to come with us?  Sure!”  The workout didn’t seem as important at that moment, in light of the devastating cancer story.

After a quick wardrobe change and much debate about which vehicle would be most suitable for our outing- the smaller one that could maneuver more parking challenges or the larger one that would hold more bargains- we headed out the door.

Thanks to a garage sale app (of course there’s a garage sale app, and of course my husband found it), Sam, Hubby and I set out on a spontaneous morning together.  Yes, we found some deals we couldn’t pass up on items I didn’t even know we needed. And yes, I realized that I needed to just relax and enjoy watching my men chat with strangers as they negotiated, appreciating their easy-going outlook on how they spent their morning and abandoning my need-to-get-things-done attitude.  This was only about the moment, the simple act of sharing a morning, a slice of life.

slice of life_individual


7 thoughts on “The Workout That Wasn’t-4/31 SOLC

  1. Oh my. I just came across Amy Krause Rosenthal’s piece about what a great catch her husband of 26 years will be when she dies of cancer in the near future, and yes, it sure makes you want to slow down and enjoy the people you love. And then I feel guilty, like her tragedy is some sort of motivational poster for me. But it’s more of a reminder of something we all know, but prefer to forget–we don’t have forever with these people. I’m glad you changed your plans today. The workout isn’t going anywhere!


  2. I love this post so much. It is so true that these “slices of life” with our loved ones and family are so much more important. Puts it all in perspective. Sounds like you had a great morning with the hubby and your son. Body Pump will always be there next week. 🙂


  3. You made the very best choice about how to spend your time! I love this – “I realized that I needed to just relax and enjoy watching my men chat with strangers…” I would have loved that, too. Very special morning!


  4. I loved this glimpse into your morning! Your family dynamics seem so kind and loving – that you all enjoyed spending that time with each other. It was nice. Also the idea that reading someone else’s story can have such an impact on your own actions – we forget sometimes about the very real power of stories. Thanks so much for sharing.


  5. Woah, woah, woah…. there’s a garage sale app?

    I love this Slice – I’m glad you got out and enjoyed the day without the stress of a To-Do list ruining all your fun. Sounds like your son and husband are pros at this!


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