An Homage- Be It Terrible- To Hamilton the American Musical- 5/31- SOLC

The Ten Writing Commandments– With the greatest of apologies to the revolutionary Lin-Manuel Miranda.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine

It’s the Ten Writing Commandments

Number one!
The challenge: demand satisfaction
If you commit to write

now set your plan of action

Number two!
If you do, grab a friend
that’s your second

Your helpful eyes when there’s editing to be edited.

Number three!
Have your list of ideas just in case

Negotiate a topic
And negotiate a time and place

Number four!
If you can’t draft a piece, that’s alright
Time to scour your files or old drafts to rewrite

Number five!
Write before the sun is in the sky

Pick a post to write, make it short and wry.

Number six!
Maybe write a post describing your next of kin
Tell ’em how you feel
Pray that something original  you begin.

Or confess your sins
Ready for the moment of adrenaline
when you finally write your prose or poem

Number eight!
Your last chance to articulate
throw away your seconds,
Get ready to set the record straight

Number nine!
Look onto the screen, aim no higher
Summon all the energy you require
Then count

One two three four

Five six seven eight nine


Ten fingers!



5 thoughts on “An Homage- Be It Terrible- To Hamilton the American Musical- 5/31- SOLC

  1. This made me chuckle. I can see why you posted it even though you thought it wasn’t worthy. There is much evidence that you spent quite a bit of time on it. You may not think it’s worthy, but I am impressed. I haven’t seen Hamilton yet, but I know it’s a musical so I was trying to put it to music. Now THAT was completely unsuccessful!


  2. Bravo! I’m not (yet?) as Hamilton-obsessed as the rest of the country, but I did watch a video of the song this is inspired by, so I read it with the same rhythm in my head. I think you rocked it!


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