Why The Bachelor-SOLSC 7/31

Yes, I am ashamed to admit that I am a Bachelor watcher.  Several seasons I tried to take a pass on the predictable formula of these love stories, but somehow I get sucked back in.  Even this season, after choosing to ignore the first three episodes, I ended up turning it on one Monday night when I was sick, and of course stayed tuned in until the end.  So, here is a simple list of why- why I can’t get enough of this silly series.

In no particular order..

  1. The clothes- It never ceases to amaze me how all these women arrive at the house with the perfect combination of winter/summer/bathing/recreation attire. And do they come with enough formals for all the rose ceremonies, just in case they make it to the end?  Or do they get to go shopping somewhere along the journey?
  2. The food- I never see the girls eat except on dates, and even then it’s mostly nibbling at some fancy meal.  I mean, really…have you?  They don’t cook meals or even snack.  How can that be?
  3. The dates- Now this topic really intrigues.  The choice of the date activities really does highlight the personality and temper of the man of the season.  Whether it’s a dare-devil leap from on high, a competitive sporting event, the perennial day on a boat/yacht, or, of course, the flight on a helicopter, the dates determine the commitment to the man.
  4. The date configuration- Will I get a one-on-one or will I have to share the bachelor with 7 other gals?  Or will I be a part of the dreaded two-women evening?  And what goes into making the groupings?  Maybe the show can add a new option- where the girls at the house can watch the other dates as they are happening.  That would really throw in a twist!
  5. The roses- How much does the person in charge of the roses get paid?  I mean, that’s a pretty big responsibility.  And what happens to the roses once they have been given to the girls?  Do they keep them together in a bouquet, adding one each week?  Do they dry the petals and make potpourri?
  6. The entrances- the first impression for the entire adventure- what would I do in that situation?  It’s easy to laugh at some of the ideas that come out of the limo, but I get their thinking.  Do I risk being mocked for the chance at being remembered?  And how hard is it for the bachelor to have to react to 25 different women.  Do I hug them?  Shake her hand?  What can I say that will put her at ease?  It’s tough, you know?
  7. Finally, the success of this show- It really is crazy that a show touting engagements in 10 weeks, when the there are at least two other people competing until the final rose, has managed to survive this long.  Why do we keep coming back for more?  And it’s women of all ages that watch: young high school teens, sorority girls, young moms and middle-aged women.  I guess it’s the pull of potential love that is hard to resist.  And I guess that’s why I’ll watch next week to see if it’s Raven or Vanessa!

3 thoughts on “Why The Bachelor-SOLSC 7/31

  1. We have a similar show here in AU. Married at first sight. My husband calls it my ‘stupid little show’ and it is. I know it’s rubbish but as the weeks go by I still put it on, but only as background noise. The whole thing must be so scripted.


  2. Haha! The Bachelor is one of my mindless, guilty pleasures as well. 😉 I always say I’m over watching it, yet it somehow always seems to end up in my DVR. I’ve read that you don’t see them eat ever, because it sounds terrible for sound purposes (which makes sense).


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