She Graduated to the Big Girl House- SOLC- #11/31


My routine for Spring Break typically starts with a weekend get-away at a bed and breakfast with eleven or twelve of my friends.  We spend time in various ways: some scrapbook; some just watch movies; others sleep, but all of us celebrate our long-time friendships by sharing memories, both recent and from long ago.  This year has been no different, except for one thing.  My daughter has graduated to being one of the women participating.  What a wonderful surprise!

It wasn’t planned; I actually didn’t even think of including her.  That might be why it has been so much fun having her here.  When I mentioned to the house hostess that Abby was on her way home from her junior year at college, hostess Heather suggested I invite her to join us.  A quick phone call, sleeping arrangements re-arranged, and she was a part of the group.

I was sensitive to the fact that Abby was joining a group of women all much older than she was, who had watched her grow up through photographs and in person.  Would they mind having her crash the party?  A resounding, “Yes, we’d love to see her and spend time with her!” answered my question.

So now here she sits by my side as we watch “Manchester by the Sea”, sharing the day with both my friends and my daughter.  Abby, who has heard about these cherished weekends, is now able to catch a glimpse of the closeness that sustains us through life’s celebrations and tragedies.

I pray that Abby will find these places and people someday.


One thought on “She Graduated to the Big Girl House- SOLC- #11/31

  1. My daughter joined our book club retreat last year (couldn’t come this year because of baby Jack’s recent birth). It’s an interesting group, filled with church friends that span almost 50 years. It was a delight to have her join us. We want our daughters to find places and people to sustain them as we have.


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