What Am I Missing?- SOLC #13/31

Magnolia Market.

We’d heard about it, passed by it, and wondered about it.

When my daughter and her visiting college chums were searching for things to do over Spring Break, the suggestion of a Waco road trip to this popular destination sounded like a good idea.  I researched the sight, noting that Mondays were the third most popular day of the week for shoppers.  This fact would not deter us.

Driving from Dallas would require us to get up early on the first day of our break to make the trek.  We overcame no hot water for our showers and a bit of car sickness.  Not knowing what to expect, we  finally rolled into town around 10:00, thinking that we would beat the crowds.  Nope.  Queues of fans lined the buildings and sidewalks. The painted, bright green turf was dotted with picnic tables and filled with bodies. Tweens twirled; dogs danced; boys of all ages pitched and punted, tossed and twisted, showing off athletic prowess or just plain goofiness.

Since none of us had watched the show that was the impetus for this phenomenon, we could not appreciate what we were experiencing.  All we saw was a big warehouse shopping area, a photo op with the silos, and food trucks.  And LOTS of people of all ages.   We were not even tempted to join the line waiting almost three hours to shop in the market.  Were we missing something?  Even the temptation of cupcakes and coffee on this soggy morning did not lure us into yet another line.

It’s weird, because I can’t even decide what this reflection of our day taught me.  I guess it just highlighted, as many things have in our recent political climate, that there are so many things out there that I just can’t relate to.  I attempt to find a connection, since my world is one that thrives on shared experiences.  And I guess that’s OK?  While I didn’t necessarily feel an emptiness today, a bit of sadness clouded my heart.  What am I missing?


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