I Ate Twins for Breakfast- SOLC #22/31

I ate twins for breakfast.

This isn’t a play on words.  I really ate twins for breakfast.

Every morning I enjoy a breakfast sandwich,

Complete with Canadian bacon, cheddar cheese, sourdough bread, and today…


I was quite taken aback when I cracked my egg into the tiny pan.

Two yolks instead of one.

I was eating two embryos instead of one.

For some reason, I had a hard time completing my routine,

Picturing two identical baby sister chicks pecking around for seed.

Had I not been running late, I probably would’ve scrapped it and eaten

Something else.

When I told my husband, he grimaced too.

Why did eating twins bother us, when eating a single yolk not warrant a second thought?

I ate it anyway.

And it was delicious.



3 thoughts on “I Ate Twins for Breakfast- SOLC #22/31

  1. Ive had the same experience. It’s a disconnect between what we eat and where it comes from, and when there is something that redirects our attention to what we are putting in our mouths it can sometimes be uncomfortable. And no, Im not a vegetarian and for some reason I can eat a hamburger but could not swallow a bite of venison.


  2. This is an intriguing reflection on language! It does sound disturbing to say twins. Maybe we’d have a similar reaction when eating regular, single yolk eggs if we called them babies…? Either way, I’m not ready to give up eggs yet either.
    P.S. Your breakfast sandwich sounds delicious. I’m jealous that you wake up early enough to cook something hearty!


  3. That IS disturbing…I had never thought of it that way. But I have trouble eating eggs from the farm; I prefer the sterilized eggs from the grocery store. ugh! Somehow, in my mind, it removes the idea of baby chicks from the equation. lol


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