Sights of Spring in Texas

Yellow-topped cars covered in pollen from the waving tree branches

White-tipped bluebonnets poking through the emerald green sheaths of grass

Well-used handkerchiefs stuffed into pockets of hay fever victims

Orange-tinged sunrises a greeting me a bit later than last week

Badly-timed crossings made by unlucky squirrels

Scantily clad runners bobbing down the dusty path

Weary-eyed teachers nodding resolutely as test time approaches

Curious-minded seniors counting down the days until graduation

Bright-colored pedicures flashing emerging toes

Frost-coated cups of beverages refreshing thirsty patrons

Mindfully-displayed crosses announcing the death and life of a Savior




3 thoughts on “Sights of Spring in Texas

  1. Love the signs of spring! I have been noticing some signs in PA too…
    My least favorite though is “Weary-eyed teachers nodding resolutely as test time approaches”
    Oh – I am weary, and you are right… it’s a sign of spring… I just wish it weren’t so!


  2. I need to pay more attention: we must have some signs around here, too, but I haven’t seen any … unless you count the wishful thinking of the woman I saw on the train platform yesterday wearing sandals in our 35-degree weather! :0


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