The Christmas Sweater- SOLC #28/31

As I sit here beginning my post for the day, trying to think of something to share, I glance at my favorite sweater on the table beside me- the sweater I bought Christmas Eve eve when I shared the San Antonio river walk with my college co-ed Abby for the first time. Spur-of-the-moment decisions often prove to be the most fun, and this evening did not disappoint.  Sitting on the edge of the water, Abby and I enjoyed margaritas and conversation.  The Mexican food we shared wasn’t bad either.  Most importantly, we shared a moment in time that highlighted that shift that happens when your precious little ones transform into adults and friends.  We shared similar concerns about our world and differed on other issues. We talked about her dreams and my memories.  We reminisced about previous holidays and loved ones that have gone.  Crowds of people jostled down the narrow path outlining the river, hands clasped.  As the string of lights enthroned the tree’s edges, their twinkling shine reflected on the dark water.  Magical moments of tenderness and laughter.


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