Would This Have Been on His Bucket List?- Day 2- #SOL18

I starred in his film class final exam: Carol’s World.

I pretended I was asleep, screwing my eyes tightly, knowing if I napped the longest, I would get both popcorn AND a drink at the matinee of Sleeping Beauty.

I sobbed, heart-broken, when he followed through with the threat of taking away our Sunday movie outing if we didn’t pluck the bagworms off the shrubbery in time.

I never forgot watching Stand By Me as we munched on our popcorn and taking Grandma to the original Star Wars.

I toss him his knit cap as we leave for the afternoon feature of…it doesn’t matter what…to help him think of anything but the side-effects of his cancer treatments.

I miss him the most in March as the Oscar movies and stars parade throughout the week, taunting me with hints of greatness.

I honor my dad by fulfilling one of the items on my bucket list…to see all the Best Picture nominees in one week.  Thanks to a local theater, my adventure began Monday and will conclude with a weekend filled with Get Out and 3 Billboards and Phantom Thread and Ladybird and other masterpieces sure to kindle ideas for discussion that he would’ve relished.  The only thing he liked better than a provocative movie was the chance to dissect it with someone.

While the opportunity to accomplish this rather selfish task is a relatively new one, it was not an option for him at his small-town theater.  I’d like to think that it would’ve been on his bucket list too.


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