Where is Cher?- Day 4- #SOL18

One of my favorite parts of watching the Academy Awards every year is to goggle at the sumptuous fashions of the evening.  Who will bring home the award for Best Dressed?  Will the eye-popping colors rule or will it be an understated classic?

Thankfully, the ladies this evening didn’t relegate themselves to exclusively black gowns, as was the case earlier this year.  Whether the actresses sashayed onstage dressed in cascading gold or plunging pink, stunning cobalt blue or pretty in pink, every fashion fan has something they can admire.

Yes, each gown has its own individual flair. But nothing comes close to stirring controversy like the dresses worn by Cher in the 80’s.  I can remember waiting to see what she would come out in was one of the most-anticipated parts of the evening.  Always barely covered and exposing her navel, Cher was never on the Best or Worst Dressed list; she was on a list all her own.  At the time I wondered what possessed her to dress so outrageously.  These costumes were just too much!  But looking back, I better understand and admire her courage to be who she was, regardless of unspoken expectations. Granted, she probably relished the shock factor her appearances elicited, but even that attention couldn’t have been worth the criticism of others.  She knew who she was and was not afraid to show that to the world- in big glittering sequins.

Image result for cher's oscar dress


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