Battling the I-Phone- Day 6- #SOL18

Why is my phone pinging 2:30 in the morning?  That stupid update!  I didn’t agree to that when I plugged my phone in to charge Well, wonderful.  Gotta stop further phone noises before they wake up my husband.  Just a few quick clicks.   What’s my password?  I think this is it.  Password fail.  Look at the option to bypass the password but risk “I-Cloud not connecting information.”  Not a good option.  Tried to go back to sleep. I’ll deal with this in the morning.  What if I can’t figure it out?  What will I do without a phone all day?  I’m certainly not sleeping, so I might as well get up and deal with the problem.  Maybe I can get some sleep then.  Downstairs now.  Try to log on to school computer that is out of battery.  Charger at school.  Log on to family computer.  Password still won’t work.  Change the password, but to do so, wait for a verification code that I didn’t think I could get on my phone.  Research how to deal with the problem.  Try new password again.  Realize that I can receive messages from Apple from my phone so try again to change password.  Oh, of course.  I need to turn off the phone and re-start it.  Or not.  New password still not working.  Decide to risk not connecting to I-cloud for now and bypass the password- 48 minutes after I started this process.  Ahhh…finally!  Got my phone back.  By now, wide awake with a little more than an hour before I need to get up.  Sigh…at least my alarm on my phone will now go off.


2 thoughts on “Battling the I-Phone- Day 6- #SOL18

  1. Oh those joys (?) of remembering the passwords for everything. I feel you pain, I see I have a phone update waiting for me. I’m not brave enough to try it yet.


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