Today I… Day 8- #SOL18

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The Thursday before spring break starts, which everyone thought was Friday…

Today I overslept just a bit and didn’t get to floss.

Today I rushed through my daily devotional to have time for breakfast.

Today I treated myself to drive-through McDonalds.

Today I shared prayers with our faculty Sonshine club before school.

Today I learned about our new, shall we say, revolutionary, special education reporting system at the morning faculty meeting.

Today I got to plan for the week after spring break with my fabulous 7th grade ELA team.

Today I chatted with my principal about CBA data and what our next steps would be fill in the learning gaps.

Today I helped a teacher conference with her students as they worked on an expository essay.

Today I double-checked TELPAS writing sample ratings to make sure all was in order.

Today I helped another teacher as she unveiled the blogging unit to her students.

Today I briefly covered a class so the Spirit Club sponsor could be in the group picture for the yearbook.

Today I figured out how to create a Goosechase scavenger hunt for our students to revisit what they missed on their last CBA.

Today I nibbled on leftovers from the school refrigerator for lunch, because I, of course, didn’t have time to make a lunch before I left.

Today I enjoyed Kona Ice from a snow cone truck that came to our school for an after-school fundraiser.

Today I shoved the writing camp supplies and lessons that were strewn across my office floor into a tattered cardboard box to deal with another day.

Today I dined on a Pay Day and coffee before my evening gig at Region 10 Learning Center.

And now I leave to go home…fulfilled from another day doing the things I love.




2 thoughts on “Today I… Day 8- #SOL18

  1. Oh my…we lead busy lives as teachers, don’t we? There are so many things that happen in a day, and listing them all really highlights that. I can’t imagine a Kona Ice fundraiser. Sounds like a fun way to make money!


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