Today I…from a Different Perspective- Day #10- SOL#18

I sorta feel like I’m cheating, writing a Today I entry for a second time this challenge.  It just struck me that my day today is sooooo different from the one I wrote about last week.  Spring break started today, so instead of writing Today I….I’m writing about what I DIDN’T do.

Today I didn’t wake to an alarm, extending my time in bed well into the morning.

Today I didn’t feel guilty binge-watching four long-ago-episodes of Project Runway.

Today I didn’t cook a meal.

Today I didn’t do any school work or household chores.

Today I didn’t ignore my mom’s request to not travel to visit her in the hospital until Tuesday.

Today I didn’t shower until we made dinner plans with friends.

Today I didn’t put on make-up, even when I went to church.

Today I didn’t worry about when I would write my slice.

Today I didn’t get to share the beginning-of-spring-break ritual of scrapbooking with my friends.

Today I DID enjoy every selfish moment of this day.


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