Packing for the Big Trip- Day 13- #SOL18

I’ve tried not to talk too much about our upcoming trip to NYC because I know I’ll want to write about it once we get there.  But since packing for it has been on my mind all week, I decided to let you in on what I am thinking.

  1. What will the weather be? I’ve had The Weather Channel app up for a week now, trying to determine the degree of cold to expect.  The good news is that we won’t be there with freezing snow and ice that shut the city down a year ago at this time.  Now it’s just a matter of figuring out how much coat I will need and finding layers to include.
  2. What about my shoes?  I know we will be walking tons, so I am worried that I will not have flats that will keep my tootsies comfortable.  Of course, this choice also depends on my clothing choice, so back to square one.
  3. How do I plan dressy enough for the three shows we are seeing without having to go back to the hotel in between sight-seeing and the performances.  I know these theaters are more casual than I am used to, but just how casual?
  4. Should I throw in a hat and gloves?  I am so bad about losing those types of accessories.
  5. I never want to be without something to read, but am I really going to need to lug a book or my Kindle along?  Should I just focus on enjoying every minute of what’s around me and not worry about what I will read?
  6. Do I have all my tickets available?  I made so many of these plans months ago.  Hopefully, I can access them quickly before the end of the week.  I keep saying I’ll do it today, and yet I haven’t.  I need to make sure everything is in order.
  7. One thing I have already packed is my excitement about sharing one of my favorite places with my daughter.  She graduates from college in May and has never been to this glorious city.  I can hardly wait to share my favorites with her!

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