The Clean Cars That Don’t Stay That Way- Day 25-#SOL18

I don’t know why I do it…but I do.  Every time.  I always have.  And I passed it on to my daughter.

On Friday, I had to rescue my college co-ed from a car dilemma.  Riding shot gun, I felt the mounds of crud under my feet: orchestra programs, umbrellas, empty coffee cups, napkins, returned assignments, among other things.  It immediately hit me.  She is her mama’s daughter.

Now I will say, my car isn’t nearly this junky.  There is room in the front seat of my Honda for someone’s feet and purse.  But when I thought about it a little longer, I realized that the messy car was a symptom of a character flaw that I DID pass down to her- overcommitment.  Through the wonderfully “full” of our lives, ever since I can remember, I have prioritized everything and anything over keeping my car clean.  And we all know how it goes…at first, I vow that not a bite of food or drop of drink will be consumed in this newly-sanitized car.  But, wait…we’re late for ballet class.  Abby REALLY needs to eat something before she begins her evening of endless exercise.  Plop goes a bun bit between the seats.  Then I sleep in that extra 20 minutes to make up for watching too much Hamilton on Youtube.  That Egg White Delight was delicious; let me just stuff this receipt in this little something holder until I get to school.  Then it’s the workout bag and school butcher paper; straws and Cane’s prize tickets; stray socks and church bulletins.  Before I know it, these are remnants of my life, representing everything that is more important than order-little fossils bearing clues to who I am.

Hopefully, when Judgment Day arrives, my life’s worth will not be determined by the cleanliness of my car but what the good stuff inside it represents.



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