What My Bookshelf Says about Me

I’ve stared at the mantle that holds some of my more current reading selections many times but just now wonder about what these selections say about me:

Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes

The Invention of Wings

Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen

The Poisonwood Bible

Where Snowflakes Dance and Swear: Inside the Life of Ballet 

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime

This Is Where I Leave You and

Alice Munro short stories

It would be difficult to try to find a common thread binding these selections, but all of them highlight a different part of my personality- of my interests- of what I want to spend my time perusing.  And while these are certainly not all that I have read recently, they are my name tags, labeling who I am.

What do those who don’t know me assume by reading this list of preferences? Well, hopefully that I am someone who embraces reading at a variety of levels.  Someone who enjoys the arts and a good time.  Someone who relishes those extraordinary words- into sentences-into paragraphs that capture moments of reality that I can only imagine, but luckily am able to thanks to some talented authors.

I wonder what will join this lineup next?  I can’t wait to find out!


3 thoughts on “What My Bookshelf Says about Me

  1. I thought about this a lot when my husband and I moved in together and combined our books. What in the world does this collection say about us? And what misconceptions might it convey? From your shelf, I would think, “I wonder if she’d loan me some books…” 🙂


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