Slice of Life- 2/31- Red Box Ain’t No Blockbuster

I know…it’s so much easier.  Plop down in your media room and click a button to select your evening’s entertainment.  Or scoot up the street to the nearest Red Box, skip through the various cinema choices, swipe your credit card and head home.  It can all be completed with a push of a button.  But I tell you, I MISS BLOCKBUSTER!

I miss the anticipation of seeing what new releases would still be on the shelves when I got there on Friday evening.  Were the good ones left?  Or would I have to resort to the “golden oldies?  I miss the trips when my children were younger.  Upon entering the store, each youngster would make a mad dash to his favorite shelf.  I of course headed in a totally different direction.  We’d all meet back for the family huddle, arguing over which choices wouldn’t make the cut and have to be returned for another family to consider.  I swear this is where Max developed his debating skills still practiced today.

And let’s not even talk about the candy display, strategically placed adjacent to the check-out counter.  Although all moms curse the store managers for inserting yet another option to wrack up the final bill, it IS impossible to choose from the vast rainbow of candy.  Plop down some popcorn and ice-cold beverage, and you’re good for the night.

If I could, I would trade this convenient vending machine purchase for this shared movie-shopping experience ALMOST every time.


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