My Amazing Thing for Today- Day 15-#SOL18

I’ve lost the source for this idea and don’t have time to find it again, but the premise behind it is to encourage us to see the good things that happen in our lives.  Each day, we are challenged to write a slice-like entry about something in our every-day lives that is amazing.  So with this in mind, today I realized that avocado toast is just that.

It was that weird time of day, too late for breakfast and too early for lunch.  I was tired of my go-to breakfast of an egg sandwich with Canadian bacon and shredded cheddar.  Assessing the contents of my fridge, I spied that last avocado hiding behind the left-over asparagus.  OUt came the sourdough bread and hard-boiled eggs.  As I toasted the bread, guaranteeing a warm, crisp base for my treat, I sliced the perfectly-ripened flesh of the pitted fruit, not even needing to mash it as I prepared the essential ingredient.  Once this layer was complete, I readied the perfectly-boiled egg- the firm yolk a lemon yellow- delicately aligning each piece on the awaiting green delicacy.  I added just the right mix of salt and pepper to the top and a cup of coffee for the perfect meal.  As I sat on the couch, watching my Sooners attempt an upset in the basketball tournament, I paused, closed my eyes, and allowed the mixture of my toast to linger on my tongue…truly amazing.


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