What Happens When You Feel You’ve Failed as a Coach?- Day 22- #SOL18

It’s been a long day.  As an instructional coach, my job comes with its share of encouraging moments.  But sometimes, I feel like I am terrible at my job.  Today is one of those days.  A new teacher I have been trying to help all year still struggles with classroom management.  I know that is not unusual for beginning teachers, but by this time of year, I want her to feel more successful in this area.  And it’s one of those things that requires daily committed decisions on her part.  I can model, suggest, attend trainings with her, but until she decides to take control, nothing will change.  I struggle with how to help her at this point of the year.  Do I continue to offer suggestions or let her get through these last weeks and start over next year?  I guess I’ll figure it out as the weeks progress.


3 thoughts on “What Happens When You Feel You’ve Failed as a Coach?- Day 22- #SOL18

  1. Just reading the letters “NYC” makes me tired. When I visited I understood why it is called “The city that NEVER sleeps”. I loved it, but was ready to come home after only three days. I’m a bit lazy. 🙂


  2. I just visited NYC for the first time this past February. Wow – it was amazing and a little overwhelming all rolled together. I bet you’ve made some incredible memories though!


  3. You are successfully holding this teacher through one of the hardest years of her career. The fact that she hasn’t utterly failed is because of you and classroom management requires so many skills. Just help her end the year with some successes and a vision for the future.


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