Ode To the [Insert Color] Bike- Day 29- #SOL18

Oh, bikes tossed lazily across multiple yards in the neighborhood,

It’s not your fault that you’re the butt of  many jokes

Your ray of yellow metal glistening in the sun and rain and moonlight.

The plan for you was simple enough: dump a fleet of you in a neighborhood, install payment apparatus, and encourage walkers to jump aboard for pennies on a mile.

Until you started multiplying, joined by green bikes and orange ones.

At least you’re not the only ones mocked and scorned anymore.

You seem so lonely without a planned home, never knowing where you will rest your wheels each night.

But of course with this ambiguity comes adventure.  Enjoy the possibilities!


2 thoughts on “Ode To the [Insert Color] Bike- Day 29- #SOL18

  1. I have a love affair with bikes – they just embody adventure and freedom to me – so even though they are multiplying and anchoring the sidewalks with their heavy metal, I love the idea that secret wings cling to their handlebars


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