What My Desk Says about Me- SLOC 9/31

I’m that gal.  The one that has a desk in one room that she doesn’t use because it is filled with clutter.  Twice a year, usually on Christmas and Spring Breaks, I attempt to organize and eliminate the “ness” that lives there.  So before I repeat this process next week, let’s take a little tour.

The lovely, personalized thank-you notes occupy the upper right corner.  I leave them out to easily grab when I need to dash out a correspondence.  Even though most people I know don’t require these anymore, it’s something ingrained in my list of must-do’s.  At least they’re pretty.

In the opposite corner are the folders for college loans for my children.  Again, when I need them, I need them, so they get a desk-top home.  Since my youngest is a junior, these colorful folders will soon get transferred to a file, replaced by something more pressing.  While I wish these folders didn’t exist, I’m thankful the loans made my kids’ education possible.

Desk pictures convey the importance of family to me every time I walk in the office.  While there isn’t room for many of them on the desk, the one of the family huddled around the piano, smiles genuine and plentiful, is my favorite.  The memories behind the photo are ones worth revisiting as often as possible.

Work materials are a fixture of my desk, of course.  A couple leadership books lean against the shelf that sits atop the workstation.  One includes a quote about my dad, while others teach me how to learn with the teachers on my campus.  I haven’t touched them lately; hopefully I can pick up at least one of them soon.

LOTS of papers, bills, folders, a plate and mug, receipts, pens and pencils, some double-sided tape, prayer cards, …. I’m a mess!

My desk reminds me of my computer screen; I currently have 18 tabs open.  Need I say more?


16 thoughts on “What My Desk Says about Me- SLOC 9/31

  1. As a substitute, I have experienced many desks that also resemble yours! I am quite the opposite in my life – it all needs to be orderly and have a place for each thing to live and go away when I’m done with it. Good luck decluttering!

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  2. Oh, you remind me of my writing office upstairs – the one I am not using because it is too cluttered. Instead, I do all my writing here at the kitchen table with wide windows that look out into my backyard. I loved the desk tour – very revealing! I needed to read this slice today…..

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  3. I appreciate your honesty and that you embrace your lived -in -desk. I struggle with the same, but I’ve realized that I spend my moments with my students or with family instead of organizing, which will always be more important and worthwhile in my mind. 🌼

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  4. Your desk sounds like my desk. Sometimes, I wish I was better at keeping my desk clean and organised. But then I remember a sign that a teacher when I was in high school had on his desk. “A Clean desk is a sign of a sick mind.” Guess it is okay to have a messy desk.


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