Sights to See in the Big D- SOLC #27/31

As a long-time resident of Dallas, Texas, I thought it would be fun to share a few places you might like to visit if you are in the neighborhood.

If you are a sports fan, the obvious choice would be to visit AT&T Stadium, home of the national favorite 🙂 Dallas Cowboys.  You can either take the group, self-guided tour, where you can not only hear fun facts about the team but also toss a football across the field.  The VIP tour takes you deeper into the facility, guiding you through the behind-the-scenes secrets of the stadium.  This is definitely worth the time for the football fanatic.

Across town is the unique Dallas Arboretum, a garden that can take your breath away.  From the multiple reflection ponds that make you feel like you’re walking into White Rock Lake to the whimsical floral topiaries that dot the garden, there is something interesting for everyone.  Brides can be seen posing for their portraits, and children enjoy activities planned just for them.  In the summer, Thursday nights bring live music patrons enjoy while nibbling on snacks or sipping choice beverages.   For the flower lover, the variety is breathtaking; for those who just want to get away from the busyness of life, nothing beats it.

For shopping fans, there is a mall with you name on it!  The famous Galleria, known for its upper-end shops and impressive decor is the place most people start with.  North Park Mall has grown in stature, complete with a movie theater, interesting statues, and exclusive boutiques.  Even their food court offers a more sophisticated menu.  For those on a budget, Sam Moon would be the place for you.  If it is an accessory, you can find it there.  Purses, necklaces, tiaras, headbands, and suitcase are only a few of the items for sale at extremely discounted prices.  Plan to spend a couple hours there to give you plenty of time for exploring your options.

The artists should visit the Dallas Museum; the musician shouldn’t miss Deep Ellum.  The Ross Perot Museum offers the perfect place for the kids to explore all things science, including what it feels like to be in an earthquake and if they can run faster than a cheetah.  Again, set aside lots of time, so that the family can explore all three floors of fun.  More for the older set, the George Bush Museum on the SMU campus reminds us of the days our former president led our nation, with details that allow us to see things through his eyes.  It’s a fascinating look at our recent history.

If I were to try to talk about food, there is no way I could begin to touch the multitude of  choices you have here.  But know that if you crave it, you can find it.

So there you have brief teaser of things you might find interesting as you visit big D, little a, double l, a, s!

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3 thoughts on “Sights to See in the Big D- SOLC #27/31

  1. Hmm! Well, it seems we’re up for a trip up there, then. The last time we went was years and years ago when my 22-year-old was about 10.. we took him to see Dinosaur skeletons (science museum?).. and then we absolutely love the Fort Worth Zoo that’s nearby. In the Springtime, it’s absolutely gorgeous!

    Thanks for the reminders! 🙂


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