Aca-Awesome- Slice of Life- Day 4

SLice of LifeWho doesn’t love an a capella choir?  Granted, until the advent of Glee, The Sing-Off, and Pitch Perfect, its audience was relegated mostly to college groupies and music lovers.  But suddenly, these fans have been given the permission to expose their addiction to this lively pastime.

I’ll be honest; I really know nothing about a capella choirs…not their origin, nor their requirements, not their formats or favorite genre.  What I do know is that I have been sucked into their world, singing along both silently and aloud.  Every minute of these performances takes me away to a world I will never know, will never have what it takes to be a part of.

But what is it about these performances that creates such a committed following?  For me, it is the idea that these singers, young and old, have the chance to do something they truly love, and do it with gusto.  Both professionals and rookies, these vocal artists might mash-up their favorite tunes with others from ages past.  Or, they might just focus on the one melody that highlights their vocal prowess.  Regardless of the material, when I experience these performances, I can pretend that I am on that stage.  And I enjoy myself just as much as they do.


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