Writing Alongside Them-SOLC 6/31


Since the badge for today is for those teachers who write with their students, it’s only fitting that I share thoughts about that today.  As an instructional coach, I don’t have my own class of students.  Instead I have adopted an incredible group of young people whose writing keeps me smiling and a dedicated teacher who’s All In for the Slice of Life Challenge.

It’s the first time anyone in our district has attempted the challenge, so we are flying blind so to speak.  Diana, my teacher in crime, and I experienced a lot of trial and error to make sure we were setting up her student challenge correctly.  One problem in particular kept us both frustrated for quite awhile, only to find the seemingly hidden button right in front of our eyes.

But the student challenge has brought so many important experiences as well: the bond between Diana and I has become stronger; I love sharing this new experience with such a professional and committed educator.  Watching students smile when their submissions win “Post of the Day” makes me smile right along with them. Reading the hearts of these teens in words is something I look forward to every day.  The challenge to push some of the young writers to the next level encourages me to explore resources to share.  I cannot wait to experience their writing at the end of the challenge.

Hopefully the students will see this month was a chance for them to expand their writing boundaries and dabble in different techniques.  Hopefully they will see this month as more than just a daily requirement to check off.  Hopefully they will see this month as an opportunity to communicate with each other and other writers from around the world that all share similar experiences.  Hopefully they will see this month as only the beginning of their writing adventure.


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