My Pi/Pie Day Poem- SOLC #14/31

In honor of Pi Day, teacher Corbett Harrison assigns his students Pi Poems.  The poem’s lines each much represent the numbers in pi.  3.14159265… The first line is three words that form a complete sentence, ending in a period for the decimal.  The second line has 1 word, and so on, into infinity, or until you are finished.  So, here’s my attempt!  Happy Pi/Pie Day!

Moon Pie

Dessert is served.


The pie of budgets


Marshmallow, chocolate, crumbling graham cracker

Siblings passing around cellophane packages purchased by the box.

Pie?  Really?

It does satisfy the sweet tooth

But it doesn’t replace homemade.


3 thoughts on “My Pi/Pie Day Poem- SOLC #14/31

  1. I like your poem and am off shortly to write some “Pi-ku” with third graders. I just wish there was a better understanding of the mathematical concept of Pi. Kids know the number but not really what it signifies, even in the upper grades. Despite that, writing about it is fun.


  2. Happy Pi Day! And Pie Day too. Your poem is sweet. The first thing I thought of was those budget pies of my youth. I think they were Hostess, and they were wrapped in crinkly white paper–kind of like waxy paper, but tougher.

    Reading your poem brought me make to those pies in my lunch box. Only then they were a special treat, not homemade. Hmmm…things have changed for me now. I much prefer the homemade.



  3. Loved your poem. I’m inspired to get some pie…sadly, the grocery store will have to do. It’s too late for homemade!


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