What Her Words Told Me- SOLC #16/31

Yesterday, I spent the morning watching the movie In Her Words, with Shirley McClain.  I knew the premise of the  movie focused on a dying woman who wanted to write her own obituary before she died.  While the movie was just meh, the point behind it made me stop and think a bit.  Basically, the movie encouraged us to take risks…to live life, not just get through it.  As a 53 year-old teacher, this hit me hard.  I have wondered lately what my life will be like in the next 5 years.  Now that my children are grown and almost out of college, how will I spend this next stage of my life?

I have never been a big risk-taker, playing it pretty safe for most of my life.  I haven’t traveled; got a job right out of college that I still have today; married and had a family; enjoy what I have.  But the only thing I’ve done that could be considered a risk is attend college 500 miles away from home.  What does that say about me?  Am I choosing not to step out of  my comfort zone?  What are the characteristics of a person who takes risks?  Are these qualities that can lay dormant and appear late in life?  Is risk-taking overrated?

Unfortunately, her words from the movie can’t necessarily answer these questions, but at least it got me asking them.  Hopefully, I will be content with whatever answers I uncover.  Until then, I’ll have to be content with the questions.



One thought on “What Her Words Told Me- SOLC #16/31

  1. Very thoughtful post. Lately, I haven’t known what to write or how to reflect for SOL.. must be the mid-month-mehs (because you mentioned “meh”!)

    .. so, yes, you’ve inspired me.

    Been watching movies all spring break. I’ll look for that meaningful connection like you did.

    Great model post, thank you!


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