Christmas Left-overs- Day 7- #SOL18

It’s late, and fatigue paralyzes my ideas.

What slice of today is worth re-thinking to share with others? It’s too early in the challenge to be out of ideas.

I glance up from the computer, desperate for something to write about and notice four Christmas items resting by the fireplace.    It’s early March, yet these pieces of celebration remain. Why?

The red and green knit stocking adorned with bright bottoms centered down the middle belongs to my oldest son.  He took his stocking with him, returning it after the boxes of decorations had already been put away.

The clear plastic disc embellished with a picture of Clara with her nutcracker sits atop the mantle- the place it landed after slipping behind the couch for most of the holiday season.  The storage box has a missing slot where the ribboned ornament should be.

Tangled on the brick ledge sits the extension cord that allowed our wreath to hang above the fireplace.  Our youngest son’s job is always to weave the cord through the spaces between bricks, hiding the unsightly connection to electricity.

And finally, the rather odd addition to our decorations, a 3 foot high cement boot sculpture?  Picture the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe shoe.  Sam won (whatever) this at the company Christmas party, and it landed by the fireplace next to the cinnamon broomstick.  This delight remains mainly because I am not really sure what to do with it.  And also, I kinda think the broom/shoe combo would actually be more appropriate as a Halloween decoration.  And at the rate I’m going, it might still be there next October.





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